Total Care from Start to Finish and Beyond

Implement, Monitor, Optimize

Get the solutions you need to maximize your product’s efficiency, effectiveness, and life cycle through onsite and remote monitoring systems. With your consent, we can gather the data covering the operation and control of your EAF, as well as conduct various electrical measurements, utilizing our advanced tools. Once the information is gathered, you’ll receive easy-to-interpret reports detailing the results along with our expert recommendations for potential process or electrical improvements and optimizations.

Some of the recommendations and possible actions to optimize EAF settings may include:

  • Electrical balance (refractory wear issues)
  • Melting profile
  • Current level (long/short arc strategy)
  • Foamy slag judgment
  • Arc stability problems
  • Productivity
  • Melting efficiency
  • Electrode consumption mechanism
  • Electrode regulation dynamics
Tailor Made Solutions

We Know Steel

Tokai Carbon’s combining the strength of experience with analytical and statistical procedures, our experts provide best in class recommendations.

Tokai’s technical experts have many years of experience working in the steel industry and are extremely well versed in the entire steel production process as well as Electric Arc Furnace maintenance. Utilizing various tools and instruments when analyzing existing processes, our expert technicians can detect inefficiencies in your EAF’s melting process and provide credible, specialized solutions for your specific needs.

Specialized Solutions May Include:

  • Consumption models (comparison of theoretical and actual consumption)
  • Validation of increases in productivity
  • Recommendations on furnace design and operation
  • Assistance on commissioning the furnace
  • Electricity use modification
  • Control and hydraulic optimization
  • Melting profile depiction
  • Benchmarking (comparative process and result analysis)
Get the Highest Performance with Private Workshops

Learn the best practices for handling and maintaining your graphite electrodes and accessory equipment, a critical component in realizing the best performance results, with workshops from our team of experts. In these workshops, you’ll learn:

  • Accessory handling training
  • Equipment integrity check
  • Jointing improvement
  • On-site storage management
  • Inventory management
  • Training and workshops