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Building America’s Future, Today

Everything we do and everything we are is because we strive to be the company you turn to when you need top quality, high-performance graphite electrodes.


Graphite Electrodes

Built with state of the art equipment and a stringent focus on quality, Tokai Carbon provides graphite electrodes in a wide range of sizes to suit your production needs. Our portfolio covers diameters from 14” to 32” (350mm to 800mm) and lengths up to 125” (3200mm).

We are driven to be your graphite electrode supplier of choice.

Up Your Production with Bigger, Better Graphite Electrodes

We pioneered the world’s largest diameter electrodes, and with a production capacity of 100,000 tons per year, we can meet all your needs. We are here to help you produce more steel efficiently.

Wide Variety of Sizes & Properties

Small or large, Tokai Carbon offers a wide range of sizes to suit your production needs, with diameters from 14” to 32” (350mm to 800mm).

Consistent Quality in Every Electrode, Every Time

With our history of graphite electrode expertise, our reliability is second to none in the industry, resulting in enhanced quality that’s the same in every single electrode we produce.


Connecting Pins

Tokai Carbon offers a broad spectrum of connecting pins. For electrode diameters from 14” to 32” (350mm to 800 mm), you will receive standard connecting pins with industry leading quality.