Leading Our Future with Technology & Trust

A Tradition of Excellence, Founded on Innovation

Founded as Tokai Electrode Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in 1918, Tokai Carbon has spent the last century expanding and pioneering world-class graphite products that help you efficiently produce the high-quality steel that is indispensable to nearly every industry.

Experience the best any graphite electrode supplier has to offer. We’re made in America, and dedicated to the U.S. steel industry. With Tokai Carbon, you will get:

Stability through uninterrupted supply and dedicated technical support

Enjoy a steady relationship from order entry, supply chain and logistics, to the most experienced technical service in the industry, no matter the market conditions.

Made in America

Made in America for American steel companies, our local manufacturing facilities and domestic shipping capabilities create more efficiencies for our customers.

State-of-the-art Products

We offer a wide variety of industry-leading graphite electrodes and connecting pins that enable you to run more efficiently and stay in production.


Our service goes beyond the electrode or connecting pin. We’re always here to help you manage your product, and help maximize efficiency and output.