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By continuously supplying high-performance graphite electrodes, along with the unsurpassed, top-of-the-line technical solutions that our clients want, Tokai Carbon has become one of the largest graphite electrode manufacturers in the world. As a pioneer in large diameter electrodes for large DC electric arc furnaces, and with a production capacity of over 100,000 tons each year, we have gained high recognition from our valued customers. Everything we do, everything we are is because we strive to be your graphite electrode supplier of choice.

Helping to Build America

Every Day At Tokai Carbon


We are honored to serve the North American steel industry by providing superior graphite electrodes and by supplying the local support that our clients want and deserve. With manufacturing facilities in Arkansas and Kentucky, and a full management team in North Carolina, Tokai Carbon offers the kind of local support and client services that sets us apart. We are appreciative of the opportunity to partner with our steel customers, and proud to help build America every day.